Fire Extinguisher Rental

If you are going to rent a stove, grill, deep fryer or other cooking equipment, you should consider renting at least one fire extinguisher to keep near by. Safety always takes priority!

In some cases, depending on the size of your event, fire extinguishers are required by Las Vegas and Clark County code. Contact us for more information.

A-B-C Class Fire Extinguishers

Class “K” Fire Extinguishers

Type ABC fire extinguishers are for multi-purpose use. They are fill with monoammonium phosphate, a yellow powder which is a dry chemical that leaves a non-flammable residue on the extinguished material, reducing the likelihood of re-ignition. Class K fire extinguishers are for fires that involve cooking oils, trans-fats, or fats in cooking appliances and are typically used in restaurant kitchen and cooking areas. Geometric symbol is a black hexagon
Fire Extinguisher Rental Fire Extinguisher Rental Las Vegas



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