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Commercial 2 Door Freezer Rental Las VegasIn order to ensure the success of multi-day events, it is crucial to have proper storage for perishable items such as meat, desserts, and specialty foods. TCI of Las Vegas understands this need and offers a wide range of commercial freezers available for rent. Whether you are organizing a Las Vegas event, convention, trade show, or find yourself in an emergency situation, TCI has got you covered.

Our inventory includes commercial-grade freezers that are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. We offer single door reach-in freezers, mobile reach-in freezers, commercial reach-in freezers, and refrigerator/freezer combos. These options provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements.

For larger storage needs, TCI offers 7′ x 12′ walk-in freezers. These spacious units are equipped with 208V power supply and operate on a single phase. With their ample space, they can accommodate a significant amount of frozen goods, ensuring that your event runs smoothly without any concerns about food safety.

Commercial Walk In Freezer Rental Las VegasIn addition to our walk-in freezers, TCI also provides portable chest freezers from the reputable brand Caravell. These NSF approved freezers are ideal for freezing gelato, ice cream, or meat at your party, event, or trade show. With three of these portable units available for rent, you can easily meet your freezing needs in the Las Vegas area.

It is important to note that the Caravell reach-in chest freezers require a dedicated 120V connection to operate effectively. To ensure optimal performance and safety, we do not recommend using extension cords with these freezers.

At TCI Event Rentals, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide reliable and efficient solutions for all your freezer rental needs. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect freezer options and ensuring that your perishable items remain properly frozen throughout your event. Trust TCI for all your freezer rental needs in Las Vegas.

Multi-day events require the need to keep meat, desserts and specialty foods frozen. TCI of Las Vegas has commercial freezers available to rent for your Las Vegas event, convention, trade show or emergency situations?

TCI has commercial grade:

  • single door reach in freezers
  • mobile reach in freezers
  • commercial reach in freezers
  • refrigerator / freezer combos
  • 7′ x 12′ Walk in Freezers – 208V, Single Phase

Portable Chest Freezer Rental Las Vegas NSFPORTABLE CHEST FREEZERS

TCI Event Rentals current has three portable Caravell chest freezers available for rent in the Las Vegas area. These NSF approved freezers are great for freezing gelato, ice cream or meat at your party, event or trade show.

The Caravell reach in chest freezer require a dedicated 120 V connection. Extension cords are not recommended for freezers.


  • 38.5″H x 41″W x 25.5″L
  • 120v
  • 417.00 Amps
  • 246 Watts
  • SEE RENTAL RATE (freezer chest)


  • (10) one gallon bins
  • (10) 1/2 gallon bins for either gelato or ice cream
  • (6) three gallon tubs of ice cream

Please contact us with the location of your event, your event dates, and the quantity of freezers you need.

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