BBQ Grilling Tips

TCI Event Rentals recommends you watch these videos that offer some great advice and tips on how to get the most from your grill and experience the best tasting grilled meat or fish you have ever barbecued.

There are three videos to choose from. Click on the PLAYLIST link in the bottom left corner of the video box before the video starts to select a video.

  1. The first video features grilling tips such as how long to preheat your grill, proper grill cleaning techniques, the best high temp oils you should brush your fish or meat with and other helpful tips for grilling success.
  2. The second video offers tip for using the smoker properly. Very handy if you rent the Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Charcoal / Wood Grill and Smoker from TCI of Las Vegas.
  3. The third video offers tips on grilling with a rotisserie. Also very handy if you rent the Iron Mountain Forge tow-behind gas grill from us.
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