Mobile Gas Grill

Throwing a big party? Are hot dogs, burgers, barbecue ribs, pig or BBQ chicken on the menu?  How about barbecue pig? Then you need to rent our commercial gas grill that features a 3′ x 6′ grilling area. A 110v rotisserie is also available for roasting pigs, chicken corn or whatever is for dinner. Available throughout the … Read more

Panini Press

Who doesn’t love the irresistible aroma and delectable taste of a freshly pressed sandwich straight off a sizzling Panini grill? Indulge in this culinary delight as we proudly offer Panini grill rentals in the vibrant and bustling Las Vegas valley. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor soirée, organizing a lively party, or planning a memorable event, … Read more

Charcoal Grills

Are you hosting an outdoor party in the Las Vegas area? People love their food grilled and if you plan on serving dozens of guests around the same time, you need a large charcoal barbecue that can handle the task. The Caterers Inc of Las Vegas has professional portable BBQ charcoal grills and gas grills … Read more

Gas Grills

With their extensive range of culinary equipment, The Caterers Inc possesses an impressive selection of portable commercial gas and large propane grills that are specifically designed to effortlessly cook dozens of hot dogs and burgers simultaneously. These state-of-the-art grills are a game-changer when it comes to serving a large number of individuals at outdoor events. … Read more

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